eCommerce Marketing and Sales 3

eCommerce Marketing and Sales 3

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

The fitting carrying case to match that fishing rod you’re buying? The right line for your fishing reel? While buying online offers your customers sensible accessory products – you will be surprised how easy it is to increase turnover.

Or have your customers determine which products complement each other: with recommendations following the “Customers who bought this product also bought…” scheme you ePages store supports both cross-selling variants. In manual cross-selling you determine in the back office of your store which accessory products to offer. In automatic cross-selling the system takes over continuous analysis of customer buying behaviour for this task.

Newsletter, coupons and e-mail marketing

Stay in regular contact and constant communication with your customers. Personalised newsletters offer a variety of options for informing your customers about new products, special offers or news about your store and giving new incentives to buy. With integrated coupons you give your customers a solid strong reason to stop by your online store again. With the newsletter feature of your ePages store custom-designed newsletters based on your store data can be personalised and sent, e.g. to customer groups you have flexibly defined.

In addition to addressing your regular customers, you can also reach new customer groups that have not yet purchased anything in your store via targeted “permission-based e-mail marketing”. The prerequisite for this is that the addressee has given his express consent to receiving information from you.

You can significantly increase the willingness of interested parties to buy if you regularly provide them with information about special offers, bargains, clearance sales or new products. If you do it right, the loyalty of prospective customers towards your store will be stronger.

Finally, the customer will perceive your e-mail newsletter as useful and valuable information which he or she is happy to get. You should therefore always offer in your store the option for interested parties to sign up for your newsletter, irrespective if they buy anything or not. One more tip: Incentives significantly increase the willingness to sign up. So, why not also offer a new customer discount or a coupon? Ideally, newsletter registration can also be combined with search engine marketing campaigns.

Note: If a customer does not want to buy, always offer the option of registering for your store newsletter.

The most important thing in eCommerce – long-term customer relations

Long-term customer loyalty to your store is one of your main goals. In addition to user-friendliness, a clear design, up to date and useful content, top prices and excellent service before, during and after sales can primarily be achieved by treating your customers as individually as possible and giving specific customer groups the feeling of being special.

Here are some tips for you to accomplish this:

  • Personally address registered customers in your store by name.
  • Grant access to non-public information, e.g. to the newsletter archive, manuals, operating instructions or to old orders.
  • Allow registered customers to manage and modify their customer account, log in and address information by themselves.
  • Combine specific customers into customer groups and offer them special prices or discounts.
  • Offer your customers shopping lists that they can manage and maintain on their own and can be simply turned into a basket when necessary.

Discounts and Special Offers

Online buyers are also only people and pay attention to the price when shopping especially on the internet! Special offers and discounts are standard marketing activities that you should continuously employ. With your ePages store you can boost your turnover by placing alternating special offers with extra images on the home page of your store any thus draw greater attention.

You can also provide additional incentive to buy with a large assortment of discounts. Loyalty discounts for premium customers? Volume discounts for resellers? 3% discount for new customers paying in advance? 2% discount for delivery by DHL? With your ePages store virtually no limits are placed on you and in the user-friendly back office you will never loose track of things when managing customer groups, price lists and more complex discount systems.

Acquire new customers: Banner advertising and subject gateways

You can entice new customers to your store with targeted banner advertising on the web pages and portals your customers get information from. However, the costs for this are higher than for ads at search engines, for example, and the message more frequently does not reach the intended target group.

With a correspondingly larger budget, banner advertising can certainly make sense as a complementing activity in the marketing mix. But the prerequisite for this is that you place banners at portals and sites that are as close as possible to your target groups. In our example of a fishing supply store internet-based forums occupied with the topic of fishing would be prime places for targeted banner advertising placement.

Subject gateways can indeed have several thousand members brought together by a common interest in a specific topic or hobby. The perfect audience if you have the right range of products in your store. In some circumstances you may also be able to reach your target group in the news groups – for free.

Note: You should, however, be aware that commercial posts are not desired or are even forbidden in most news groups. Articles contributed by experts may of course include a URL!

Cross promotion and public relations

Cross promotion – simple, yet effective: The name of your store should appear on all materials and in all communication channels – this includes e-mails, business cards, letterheads, invoices and press releases.

A word about press releases: You can achieve extra attention for your store at low cost with regular and targeted public relations work. The regular sending of press information via internet services should therefore definitely show up in your marketing plan.

The chances that journalists will report on your store will increase dramatically if you have an exceptional target group and/or you stand above the crowd with your product range or service.

Don’t forget: constant control over your activities

In addition to a target group analysis and the selection of the “right” marketing activities, continuous reporting and a permanent review of success is a part of every sound marketing scheme – after all, you’ll want to know if your marketing activities are accomplishing the desired aims.

You can use the web controlling module from etracker to analyse whether your special offers are being accepted, how many visitors made purchases in the month of May or the areas of your product presentation that can still be improved. Your ePages store comes with a standard interface for etracker, allowing real-time analysis of visitor behaviour and store performance.