Key eCommerce Factors for Success No. 2

Key eCommerce Factors for Success No. 2

Content is king! Up to date and useful content

Apart from an appealing range of products with competitive prices and an outstanding store design, the other content in your store plays a substantial role in the lasting success of your site. Unfortunately, many merchants don’t take this into account, although the actual content of a web site is one of the most important reasons why potential buyers visit a web site and is often the decisive factor whether they stay on the site and shop or leave it quickly.

The length of time a visitor spends on your site increases dramatically if you offer him interesting and up to date content that is useful to him. The longer a visitor spends on your site, the more likely it is that he will go shopping here – and not at the competition. This applies to web sites and also of course to online stores.

Some simple, basic rules to consider: Being up to date is the be-all and end-all, particularly on the internet. Always make sure that the content on your site is up to date and is regularly updated – your customers expect it. Provide extra information about your products that is useful to potential buyers. You’re selling fishing supplies and tackle in your online store? You then offer extra, useful, sales-promoting information such as test reports on fishing gear, care and repair tips or equipment tips for certain types of fishing. Almost no limits are placed on your creativity – but always make sure that the extra content gives your customers a high level of usefulness and can positively influence their buying decisions.

Note: The integrated WYSIWYG editor makes it child’s play to create and place new content in your online store.

Quick product search and clear navigation

Product search is of primary significance for the success of your online store. If the user cannot find the product and related information he is looking for within a short period of time, he’ll be gone again quickly. If he finds what he’s looking for in the better-organised store of a competitor, he may be lost as a prospective customer.

What do I do now? This is a question that online buyers often ask when landing on pretty, colourful and very creative store pages which lack a clear and concise system of navigation. Build your store and your product catalog as simply and logically as possible, making them appealing and modern at the same time. A good navigation system and customer-friendly store design are characterised by your customers being able to find themselves around your store intuitively and get to the desired product offers and to the basket quickly and unerringly.

Clear ordering process and basket

Uncompleted orders still represent a serious problem in online marketing. Because of this, companies across the world are missing out on sales in the range of several billion dollars a year. One of the most frequent reasons for abruptly abandoned orders is a complicated, complex and overly long ordering process. Because of this, design the ordering process in your online store to be as short, transparent and clear as possible.

At each stage in the ordering process show your customer where he is in the overall process and how to continue, e.g. by a basket that is always visible and a clear indication of progress. Your customer must have the feeling of absolute control in the actual ordering process – until he finally consciously orders the products in the basket, ideally after you have provided him a summary of his order stating all information pertinent to the order and the costs incurred and this is explicitly confirmed by the customer. Afterwards, the customer should automatically receive an order confirmation via e-mail that clearly summarises all data and information about the order.