eCommerce Hosted Platform for Small Business

eCommerce Hosted Platform for Small Business

Hosted and Maintained by eCorner Australia

ecorner hosted ecommerce platform for small business


eCorner Hosted eCommerce Platform - Made for Small Business & Hosted in Australia


There are many different ways to get your business selling online. A Hosted eCommerce Platform includes all the technical stuff done for you. So each package is a complete online store, or eCommerce website, that is hosted and maintained for you. You just have to look after the content and take care of the orders and customers.

The service provider, in this case eCorner, has to manage and maintain the infrastructure and servers that run the system, update all the core software and eCommerce software and provide a backup and recovery service. So for a service that starts at AUD$29 / month you get a lot of safety and security for your money that translates to more sleep time for you.


Try the eCorner Hosted eCommerce Platform Free for 30 Days


Urban Baby Sells Online Using an eCorner Online Store

Sell online like Urban Baby with eCorner




Linda and Chris from Urban Baby have worked with eCorner for 10 years to build their online business. eCorner helps them stay ahead of the curve by providing our technology and personalised support.








Gadgets 4 Geeks Trusts eCorner with their Online Business

Gadgets4geeks trusts eCorner with their online business




Simon and Yiannis from Gadgets 4 Geeks have built their successful online business with eCorner using ePages technology. We have created a great customer partnership providing Gadgets 4 Geeks with the most up-to-date capabilities and multi-store technology. We allow Simon and Yiannis to look after the business and leave the technolgy  to us.







Businesses both Large and Small - Selling All Types of Products use eCorner

weight watchers sells online with eCorner




You can sell one product online and work from your kitchen or be part of a worldwide corporation like Weight Watchers. If you work with eCorner we will have a model and package that will fit your business and help you innovate and sell online.







Built-in eCommerce features means that you don't need to buy expensive add-ons

eCorner ecommerce features built in


eCorner's hosted eCommerce platform has heaps of features and capabilities to help make your online business successful and make it easy for you to manage. You can find more information about the features that can help you most on the Features Information or in our Frequently Asked Questions or just give us a call we love showing people what our solution can do for them.

The best way to see all the features in action is to start a 30 day free trial store. 

eCorner can create your trial store and add a design and some products that represent your business. Just let us know after you start the trial and we will update the design and the content free of charge. If you like it you can keep it.


epages ecommerce software eCommerce Websites trusted by over 140,000 businesses worldwide


Cloud Starter ecommerce startup from ecorner CloudShop for a small business Cloud Merchant most popular product

Entrepreneur or Startup

Up to 100 products

All the features you need

Growing a small business

Up to 500 products

B2C and B2B

Larger online business

Up to 2000 products

B2C and B2B


There are NO shop transaction fees and NO hidden costs


eCorner - CloudEnterprise Plus - eCommerce Grunt for Large Projects


Are you a larger enterprise with a massive inventory, a need for fast business processes, integration to your core business systems and a more customisable solution then check out our CloudEnterprise Plus solution for larger businesses.


eCorner and ePages - trusted ecommerce solution for over 140,000 stores worldwide


eCornerâ„¢ is an Australian provider of secure ecommerce solutions. We help organisations of all shapes and sizes to realise their multi-channel commerce potential. eCorner has developed a packaged service for the mid-range enterprise to help design, implement and deliver powerful ecommerce channels. Our Cloud Enterprise Plus offering gives you total flexibility to deliver a custom storefront that supports multiple channels and business models. 


All the Features, Functions and Tools that you need - Out-Of-The-Box - included in the monthly fee.


eCorner is Australian owned and operated

eCorner's on-demand online shop solution will fit any business. You can have your ecommerce store open with just a few quick and simple steps. You get all the features and security but leave all the hassles to eCorner. You get to run your business and not have to worry about managing the technology.

Your online store will be hosted right here in Australia and is safe and secure, but the world wide web means that you can sell to any country or from any country without an issue. Our systems are regularly upgraded in features and functions to keep you ahead of your competition.

1000's of local businesses, small and large, have trusted eCorner take a look at some examples in our Customer Gallery.


Sell to Consumers or to Businesses and reach your marketplace


When you sell online you can support different business models. Typically it will be B2C - Business to Consumer or B2B - Business to Business. Some online stores want to support both. B2C is the basis of most online retail. If you want to sell to other businesses like wholesale or re-sellers then the model will be B2B. eCorner makes it easy no matter what business model your business needs.


Selling locally or do you want to compete internationally?


You may only want to sell in Australian Dollars right now but things can change. Our online stores are multilingual and multi-currency meaning you can sell in many languages and every currency type in the world. We have built-in tax, payment and shipping to support your business needs. 


Connect and sell through eBay, Amazon and many other shopping portals - it's easy


If you have done some eBay selling or maybe have some experience in the web then you can get the most from a hosted eCommerce solution. There are many advanced features in the eCorner Stores Packages that you can utilise all out-of-the-box. One of those is our advanced eBay connector. It allows you to list and manage sales from your store directly onto eBay. It supports all the eBay features as well as eBay stores. eBay support is free with your online store from eCorner and so is the support for many other portals and marketplaces.


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Your Online Shop Design - Creates a great User Experience


Got a special design in mind? With an online store package from eCorner you can have you very own personalised design that will make your online store stand out from the crowd. Best of all it will work on any device - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile out-of-the-box.

We provide FREE professionally designed templates that you can use to quickly create a unique and perosnalised design for your shop - you can take a look at some of the great free templates and features at the Templates and Design information.


Accept Payments Online - make sure your customers feel Secure


PCIDSS90Accept credit cards online securely and process payments via a Payment Gateway.

All eCorner Stores are PCI DSS compliant. Payment Gateways have to be integrated into your website. eCorner has already integrated a number of leading Payment Gateways including PayPal (Standard, Express and Payflow), eWAY, Payment Express, SecurePay and Worldpay. These are made available as part of the package from eCorner. 



Shipping and Logistics - get your products to your customers


eCorner provide a wide variety of shipping methods built in which you can setup on your website. These handle just about any possibility. We also provide integration to Australia Post for calculating shipping cost in the shopping basket. All these calculators and shipping methods are out-of-the-box with an online store from eCorner. 


Get found fast on Google with great SEO



Now that you have your online up and running you need to be found on Google and other search engines. With an eCorner hosted online store you will be found fast. Using our search engine optimisation (SEO) manager (cockpit) you can get great results without paying for an expert and it is out-of-the-box.

Included are all the tools that you need to make sure that your content is available and found on Google and other search engines. The SEO cockpit is built-in and ranks each and every page and product on your website. It provides ideas and advice to help you improve your ranking and organic search results.


Need help to get started so you can grow your business?


eCorner provide personal support as well as a great range of assistance and implementation packages that can help you get started.

You can find out more about getting started selling online at our 10 Steps to Selling Online Microsite.