eCommerce & eBusiness Lifecycle

eCommerce & eBusiness Lifecycle

Success in eCommerce means planning a lifecycle solution

In order to build a successful eCommerce or eBusiness solution eCorner follows a proven process for success.


eCommerce Business Planning


eCommerce Strategy


ecommerce lifecycleThe first and most important component when considering moving your business online is to build an ecommerce strategy. The strategy is the cornerstone of the business and guides the development and growth. The strategy is developed to include:

  • Mission and Aims
  • Business Objectives
  • Business Alignment
  • Tactical Deployment
  • Marketing Requirements and Goals
  • Content Gathering and Management
  • Fullfillment and Logistics
  • Financial Management and Payments
  • Social Media
  • Platform and Technology
  • Maintenance and Management
  • Review and Recycle

eCorner can help build and deliver your eCommerce Strategy.


Business Systems Deployment


We help our customers create new and exciting business opportunities by delivering the best of breed technology and services. Our role is to guide and support the requirements of our customers.eCorner can become part of your organisation leading the deployment process and providing secure services.

When deploying an eCommerce system issues related to payment solutions and logistics are very important and can be the difference between success and failure. eCorner has already built integration to leading payment providers and logistics companies.

Next step is to make sure that your critical company information assets are secure and managed. This may men that you need to provide real time integration to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like SAP Business One. That requires use of advanced services like web services and SOAP.

eCommerce Design and Development

Not every solution to business problems comes “out-of-the-box”. So at eCorner we take care to understand what can be done by existing technology and what we may have to create over and above these capabilities. We take our customers unique requirements and we develop a solution that works for the best possible Return on Investment.

How you develop is very important. The platform that is chosen is only the starting point. If development is not done in an integrated fashion then future upgrades may not be possible. The acceditation of the development organisation is very important.

Part of design and development is testing. The use of regression testing methods greatly improves the success of any development project.

Hosting and Website Implementation and Security

Above all else we believe that security is a mandatory requirement in everything we do. So we follow the best practice rules when implementing our customers’ requirements.

When dealing with eCommerce systems you need to be aware of the Provider Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) these requirements impact on all levels of development, deployment and implementation. It is essential that your hosting provider be aware and capable of hosting PCI compliant systems.

Secure Managed Hosting

eCorner needs to ensure that we have the very best capabilities when it comes to providing platforms for our customers business. We work only with fully accredited providers who deliver secure and managed capabilities.

When it comes to the hosting infrastructure only the best will do. That starts with the hardware providers such as CISCO, HP, SUN and also the data centre facilities. The data center need to have fully redundant capabilities for data and power as your eCommerce solution will be running 24/7 for your business.

eCorner hosting is built for eCommerce and built to scale. Our hosting is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Version 3.1 compliant and audited annually by BEA Systems.


Management, Maintenance and Service Level Agreement

eCorner prides itself on our management practices and business processes. We have chosen to be members of the key professional bodies in our industry and we respect and follow their practices and guidelines.

Each customer solution we deliver has a lifecycle that enhances the return on our customers’ investment. We provide solutions that are scalable, supportable, have a future technology roadmap and provide secure capabilities. Many companies offer eCommerce and eBusiness solution but none quite like eCorner.

eCorner provide an extensive service level agreement and guarantees with 99.9% availability.