Step 10 - Track and improve

Step 10 - Track and improve

Step 10 - Track and improve

Web Analytics - Visitor and Page Tracking - Know your customers


A good online shop can often fail because the owners don't know what is really happening on the website. In order to understand the activity on the website you need to collect information about what visitors there are and what they do. This is collected by a web analytics program like Wagtail or Google Analytics. Every eCorner store comes already integrated with a free version of our business and analytics system - Wagtail. However you can also use analytics like Google Analytics on your online store.

The best way to improve your results is to understand customer behaviour and look for areas to improve.


  • Real-time reporting (Wagtail Analytics)
  • ‰‰Basket and order reporting
  • ‰‰Basket conversion tracking ‰‰
  • Goal management
  • ‰‰Support for Google Analytics


Follow in the footsteps of successful merchants.

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