Step 8 - Marketing and Multi-channel

Step 8 - Marketing and Multi-channel

Step 8 - Marketing and Multi-channel

Having a website to represent your business is a first step. Next is being able to sell online.

With eCorner that is the main objective. But you cannot sell without visitors. So getting visitors to your webstore is the most important activity that you have to undertake. Unlike what you hear visitors just won’t beat down your door day one and you won’t get a number one ranking in Google overnight.

It all takes some work. Marketing your business and your webstore are very important and with ePages we make it as simple as possible.

Your eCommerce webstore from eCorner come with some great capabilities ready to help you market your business. These include:


  • Create personalised newsletters in a newsletter campaign
  • Include product images descriptions and prices from the shop
  • Use templates that match the colours in your shop
  • Include coupons in your newsletters
  • Personalise with names and emails as variables
  • Immediately send or schedule to send later Pick lists by group or products bought
  • Import email lists Special “Subscribe to Newsletter” feature

Newsletters all have privacy protection with unsubscribe.


Automatically create coupons and promote them in your store or via your newsletter.

  • Coupons with fixed discounts or percentage discounts
  • Set a validity period
  • Set validity by the number of codes
  • Generate coupons manually or automatically

Product Promotions and Cross Selling

  • Automatic Cross Selling
  • Manual Cross Selling
  • Accessories
  • Product Comparison
  • Product Recommendations (Tell a Friend)
  • Promotional Product on every page
  • Product Bundles 


Product Portals

Automatically subscribe to product portals and generate data feeds to send your products.

  • Google Base/Froogle
  • Many international portals

eBay Integration

You can also send your products to sell or auction on eBay and settle payment in your store. So your eCorner provided online shop can become your central control for all your eCommerce. Learn more about integrating with eBay at the Integrating with eBay FAQ Page.

Add a Facebook Shop

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter tells people what you do and allows you to connect to your customers. You can also show your Facebook friends your products by creating a Shop on Facebook.


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