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Built-in eCommerce features mean you don't need expensive add-ons


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Extensive Features Customisable design Connect to business systems Professional Services Grows with your business



  Fixed monthly fee & no commissions or transaction fees 

  Free setup (commission store and basic settings)

  Free web hosting and data usage

  Advanced filtered search for a better user experience 

  Australian payment & shipping service integration 'built in' 

  Sell physical or digital products, services, rentals or hires 

  Many types of content like blogs, forums, galleries, forms 

  Fully integrated with Xero cloud accounting system


  Sell on eBay, Amazon & Facebook with a single managed inventory

  Business Dashboard to quickly view site performance

  Great search engine results with our built-in SEO Manager 

  Your website on mobiles, tablets or any device and browser

  Free customisable themes and image library

  Promote with newsletters, coupons and social media 

  Multi and omni-channel marketing features 

  Australian Hosted & Supported by eCorner 


Benefit from all ePages features, Australian servers & local support


eCorner's eCommerce stores are built on ePages technology which powers over 140,000 online shops worldwide, and hosted in Sydney, Australia by eCorner on the latest cloud hosting platforms in an industry leading, secure data center.

eCorner's support team are also Australian based so we are always available when you need us most.

eCorner's online stores are loaded with features to deliver results for your business. All the important features that will make your store successful are included in every plan from eCorner. You can find a comparison of the package features at - Compare Packages.


Sell to Consumers or to Businesses and reach your marketplace


When you sell online you can support different business models. Typically it will be B2C - Business to Consumer or B2B - Business to Business. Some online stores want to support both.

B2C is the basis of most online retail. If you want to sell to other businesses like wholesale or re-sellers then the model will be B2B. eCorner makes it easy no matter what business model your business needs.


Managing your products – Successful selling using eCorner


The administration of products is of paramount importance in online-shop software. ePages makes it truly simple to add, process and delete products, making inventory management a breeze either through your back office, via bulk import and export or with a direct integration into your ERP solution for larger merchants.

There is also a wealth of settings available for every product include a range of settings for how products, variations and bundles can be displayed on your store with multiple images and SEO ready tags.


Personalized products 

ePages allows you to sell a remarkable spectrum of products. This includes items that customers can personalise themselves. They can design their own T-shirts or coffee cups for instance.


Downloadable/Digital products

Are you a writer and would like to distribute your new work as an e-publication? Or do you want to offer your band’s latest song as a pay-to-play video or music download? The ePages shop software allows you to sell all types of files.

cross selling in ePages is easy



Cross-selling – sell more with complementary products


Cross-selling entails complementary products being suggested to customers on product pages. As soon as a customer places a bottle of wine into the shopping basket for example, suitable wine glasses will be recommended. You can specify complementary products yourself or allow the software to pick them.




Filtered search as standard in ePages



Find products even faster thanks to filter search


80% of all online sales involve a search so making the search functionality of your online store user friendly is important to your success.

The filtered search feature helps your customers spend less time searching for products. After a customer enters a search term, filters such as Manufacturer and Product Rating will appear to the left of the search results. People can then use these filters to narrow down search results.





ePages allows you to sell online internationally



Selling locally or internationally


You may only want to sell in Australian Dollars right now but things can change. Our online stores are multilingual and multi-currency meaning you can sell in many languages and every currency type in the world. We have built-in tax, payment and shipping to support your business needs. 

With ePages you can have your content shown in up to 15 different languages. You can include prices for your products in a any currency. There is built in support for many different international payment gateways and logistics providers.



Multi-channel sales with eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping & many others


All our online store packages allow you to list and manage sales and inventory from your store directly onto eBay, Facebook, Amazon and many more. As well as link into comparison sites like Getprice or Shopping.com.

It supports all the eBay features as well as eBay stores. eBay support is free in all our packages and so is the support for many other portals and marketplaces. New to eBay - ask us about our eBay stores special offer.

We also include Facebook shop support in our Cloud Merchant and Cloud Enterprise packages at no additional cost.


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Get found fast on Google with great SEO


Now that you have your online store setup and running you need to be found on Google and other search engines. With an eCorner hosted online store you will be found fast. Using our search engine optimisation (SEO) manager (cockpit) you can get great results without paying for an expert and it is out-of-the-box.

Included are all the tools that you need to make sure that your content is available to be found on Google and other search engines. The SEO cockpit ranks each page and product on your store, and provides ideas and advice to help you improve your ranking and organic search results. If you need more assistance, ask about our SEO experiences and packages.


Accept payments online - use Private SSL


Accept credit cards online securely and process payments via a Payment Gateway.


All eCorner stores are PCI DSS compliant. Payment Gateways have to be integrated into your website. eCorner has already integrated a number of leading Payment Gateways including PayPal (Standard, Express and Payflow), eWAY, Payment Express, SecurePay and Worldpay. These are made available as part of the package from eCorner. Every store can also have its own private SSL Certificate which means your domain name is retained during checkout and you get higher sales conversions.


Payments_1.5_800_x_90supported payment methods

Shipping and Logistics - support for Australian & international shipping


eCorner provide a wide variety of shipping methods built in which you can setup on your website such as the Australia Post calculator, Couriers Please integration or your own custom weight and region tables. These handle just about any possibility. We also provide integration to services like Australia Post and Couriers Please for calculating shipping cost in the shopping basket. We also support both Shippo and Temando which integrate your online store to many shipping providers and allows you to create an print labels and update your customer with tracking information.


Customer accounts and groups


Tailor your product catalogues to different customer or customer groups out-of-the-box. Customers can set up an account with your store, encouraging repeat sales and making it easier for you to communicate with them.


Customise free templates for a beautiful design that's Google Mobile Friendly



There are practically no limits to the design or scope of your online store. You or your designer can create the look and feel that you want starting with our free templates. When you create your online shop design you have control. We have professional designers that can work with you to personalise your design, or modify the HTML and CSS code of your store yourself. Nothing is impossible.


Your shop on any smart phone, tablet and desktop


It is important in today's digital world to support any device that your customers use to buy from your store. Our online stores deliver a design that is mobile device friendly, fully mobile commerce enabled and will work without building expensive mobile designs or apps.


mega menu in ePages


Mega Menu for straightforward navigation

The more product categories you have, the more confusing it can be for your customers. Our Mega Menu solves this problem. Whenever a customer clicks on a menu category, a large-size overview displaying all subcategories will open.



apps in epages



Apps – incorporating new content made simple

Apps in your shop software allow you to add external items to your website. You can incorporate YouTube videos, display your business on a map or add “Like” buttons to your shop.


Your customisable shop design creates a great user experience on any device


Got a special design in mind? With an online store package from eCorner you can have your very own personalised design that will make your online store stand out from the crowd. Best of all it will work on any device - Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile (Google Mobile Friendly) all out-of-the-box.

We provide FREE professionally designed templates that you can use to quickly create a unique and personalised design for your shop - you can take a look at some of the great free templates and features at Themes and Design informationWe also have a selection of custom design templates available to give your design a quick boost. Check out the catalogue here - Online Store Design Themes & Installation.


Analytics to track your stores performance in real time


eCorner provides a free Wagtail web analytics account with all our packages to keep you up to date with your shops performance in real time. Our online stores can also be easily linked to other web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. 


Free up time to focus on your business with Built-in connectivity


Connect to Xero cloud accounting to automate your business



All of our online store packages are now enabled with direct Xero integration. Orders received on the online shop from direct customers or eBay orders are sent to your Xero account. Learn more about Xero Integration.

When you integrate your online store with Xero you can transfer inventory, orders, customers and payments.




Out of the box support for OneSaas integrations

All our stores provide support out of the box for integrations to OneSaas, which can automatically share your online stores data with popular accounting, inventory management, fulfillment, Point-of-sale, CRM, billing & invoicing and email marketing applications 


Integrate your shop into essential back office systems

If you are a bit more technical or have web developers, our Cloud Enterprise Plus can integrate to any third-party systems thanks to open Web Services. Integrate a logistics system to optimise ordering processes and delivery processes, a Point-of-Sale (POS) system to connect your online and physical stores, or network your online shop with your Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) for enhanced efficiency. eCorner can provide full project and developer support or we can provide comprehensive professional services to develop and implement the integration seemlessly for you.


Sell products from your Wordpress site or blog


Integrate your store with Wordpress


All eCorner stores can be easily integrated with a new or existing Wordpress site or blog using the epages plug-in. Allowing you to securely manage your products, orders and customers from your eCorner store and make your products available for sale on your Wordpress site.

For more information: www.ecorner.com.au/blog/wordpress


eCorner personalised services to help you succeed


eCorner can create a great design or build your whole online store we can develop business solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our professional services team is comprised of qualified web developers based in Australia who have completed 100's of custom eCommerce development projects. Come and ask us about talking to reference customers about our work. 


Personalised ebusiness services

At eCorner, our team have over 12 years experience in eCommerce and eBusiness in Australia. We can assist you with a range of advice and assistance to get your business started, actively selling and successful online, including business start-up advice, marketing assistance, site content and SEO quality reviews.

Not sure where to start, give us a call or have a read of our site: 10 Steps to eCommerce Success


Integrations by eCorner

Our developers have extensive experience integrating our online store platform with other technologies, from payment systems to specialist marketing tools. If you have any special needs or would like to discuss integrating a new system into your store, give us a call. 


Using another eCommerce platform - no problems we can help

If you are already using an old eCommerce system that is custom developed, open source or maybe from another hosted provider but not getting what you want or paying too much? We can build a new modern online store for you. eCorner can design and implement a multi-channel ecommerce solution and migrate your data and launch your new modern online store using our on-demand online stores and our professional services. 


Australian Owned and Operated - Free Australian Based Support

eCorner is Australian owned and operated


eCorner's on-demand online shop solution will fit any business and you can feel secure with your business and important data hosted here in Australia. We provide hosting, regular back-ups, regular upgrades and support with all our online stores. You get all the features and security but leave all the hassles to eCorner. You get to run your business and not have to worry about managing the technology.

Our systems are regularly upgraded in features and functions free of charge to keep you ahead of your competition.

Our support team are located in Australia so are always here when you need us, and all of our customers are invited to join our user community to share experiences and learn from each other.

eCorner can build a solution for your business regardless of how big or how complicated the project might be. Come and talk with us and get a free project assessment and quote.

You can start a 30 day Free Trial and eCorner is available to answer your questions and assist.



eCorner and ePages - trusted eCommerce solution for over 140,000 stores worldwide


eCorner™ is an Australian provider of secure ecommerce solutions based on ePages technology. We help organisations of all shapes and sizes to realise their multi-channel eCommerce potential. eCorner has developed packaged services for any sized enterprise to help design, implement and deliver powerful eCommerce through multiple online channels.

Also, our Cloud Enterprise Plus gives larger or more complex businesses total flexibility to deliver a custom storefront that can support multiple channels and business models.