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Become an eCorner partner and you can achieve margins of 50% of your monthly revenue. eCorner will help get things setup and working for you in one of the fastest growing business areas. eCommerce sales are growing rapidly worldwide and businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to take advantage of that trend. Online sales revenue reached $50 Billion in Australia in 2015 and worldwide passed $1 Trillion.

ePages from eCorner has been specifically designed and built so that hosting providers (or any business which wants to offer online stores) can provision stores 'automatically' and deploy 1,000's of online shops. Your clients can complete a simple web form and have a fully functioning online store and management back office instantly. Join the long list of companies worldwide offering ePages as a hosted solution.

The eCorner and ePages model works on growing recurring revenue so that you build a stronger base with each new sale. There are exceptional opportunities to build projects for companies large and small.


The Business Model and Benefits

ecommerce for mass hosting service providersePages for Hosting Providers

epages ecommerce for sap business oneePages for Business Directories

hosted online shops for small businessePages for Logistics Companies


The ePages Mass Hosting solution, or Online Stores On-demand, allows your business to offer websites and online stores to your customers on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

By partnering with eCorner, ePages can be installed on servers in your data centre or can be white-labelled from our hosting infrastructure. Once installed we provision website and store packages that are configured to your requirements offering a variety of features and limitations based on your offers to your customers. The pricing for each package type is determined based on the feature set and capacity allowed, and is designed to give you the greatest possible flexibility in your pricing to your end customers.


  • We allow you to offer free trial packages to your customers and provide an interface that will immediately provision new trial or live shops.
  • Charges for the shops is based on those shops that are live (being billed by you) for your customers.
  • Your business can set the retail price for each package. You can also add additional products and services to upsell.
  • Customers with live online stores or websites are "sticky" customers, meaning they will stay with you longer and be less likely to change providers. 
  • Overall the benefits are high profit margins and the opportunity to obtain new customers.
  • Access to all integrated technologies, such as payment gateways, shipping and logistics.


eCorner provisioned solution - White labelled or Self hosted

eCorner can provide your business with a complete solution including;

  • Design and Provisioning,
  • Application Management,
  • Software maintenance,
  • Sales training,
  • Support desk training,
  • Developer training and,
  • Technical training.

All of these services are available regardless of whether you chose to self host or access eCorner's white labelled hosting.

We have business models and partner pricing to fit any situation and we can provide specialty solutions for any industry such as the wine industry or sport.


ePages for Hosting Providers

ePages for Hosting Providers - Offer Online Shops and Business Web Sites

ePages for Business Directories

ePages mass hosting for business directories enormous potential contact eCorner for information

ePages for Logistics Companies

ePages Mass Hosted Solutions for Logistics Companies, Postal and Parcel providers.

eCorner Partners and Referral Program

A partnership with eCorner is a great way to build new business. Our flagship product ePages is the leading eCommerce storefront solution with over 150,000 installations. Become a partner now.