ePages for Business Directories

ePages for Business Directories

ePages for Business Directories

Extend your service portfolio

Consumers get information about local companies through the Internet, this trend is increasing in all age classes. A professional web presence is thus an absolute must for every company. The demand for powerful eCommerce products is equally large. Small and medium-sized companies in particular have an enormous need to catch up in the online marketplace, something they often have not done as yet due to the supposed technical and financial hurdles.

There is an enormous potential for you here since many of these companies are already your customers.

You can help them get onto the Internet and profit from this at the same time. If you wish, we can take on all of the tasks necessary in your name: From platform hosting and management to support, web design and creation of website texts and even billing. And we can do this with attractive leasing conditions.

We can provide you with a free quote if you complete our eCommerce Quote Form.



eCorner can provide you with a platform for easy-to-create and easy-to-use online shops or business websites at affordable rental prices. With over 140,000 online shops and business websites, we are one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world. We can gladly support you with the full expertise we have gained over the last 12 years in this market.

Together with you, we can define an offer in order to make the sale as attractive as possible, because you  know best for which customers an eCommerce offer could make sense.

Make the presence on the internet for your customers incredibly simple and secure your slice of the search market compared to your competitors:


  • Retain your customers with additional services at transparent and favorable conditions
  • Increase the sales per customer thus increasing your company's profits
  • Address new customer groups
  • Improve your competitiveness and brand awareness
  • Offer full-service from one source and in your name, we will make sure that your customer gets the online presence that they want.
  • Make your online portal more interesting for searching by presenting all relevant information in one location.
  • Profit from attractive payment conditions: You pay monthly only for active online shops or business websites


Your customers can operate, administer and market their online shop or business website completely independently in their own easy-to-use administrator area. A browser and computer with Internet access are all that is needed.



In addition to services relating to the platform, we also offer additional support to you and your customers. Our goal: We want to keep the complexity for you as low as possible, just as you wish.

And that also applies to your customers: Small and medium-sized businesses very often do not have experience in setting up and designing professional websites or online shops.



We advise, support, implement and integrate. If you like, we can advise you about the technical implementation and development of your project.


Application management and hosting

We can take over the hosting as well as the administration and maintenance of your shop and website platform. This saves you costs as well as the time, effort and server capacity.


Provisioning and billing

If you desire, we can organize the ordering process for you, the creating of stores, and the billing process.


Design & Consult

With our Design & Consult services, We can advise your shop and website operators about the best way to make a start in eCommerce. We create attractive designs, take care of a professional product presentation and support your customers with the creation of texts with search engine optimization (SEO), if desired.


Technical support

We help you whenever you need it. Even with all the work that we have put into developing and optimizing our products, we know that even the most well-engineered technology can still sometimes cause problems. Our service team is there for you when you need us. If you want, we can also take over 1st-level support for your customers.


Marketing support

We support you with the product definition, market introduction and marketing. We include the tools that you need for marketing your eCommerce platform. For example, this includes text modules for customer blogs, templates for a professional product presentation on your website, video tutorials and much more.



We train your employees. Because only when you know about all the features and functions of our software, will you be able to utilize it correctly to your advantage.


Customer care services

Let us take care of your customers. If you want, our service center can take over the customer support or activate customers in the test phase. We help your customers with the operating of the system and provide them with tips and tricks for successful online business.


Added Value for Your Customers

With eCorner, you can give your customers easy-to-administer business websites and online shops from one source and create real added value.

Deciding factors for you: Your customers have rented their website or online shop from you. The care of the customers, the design of the shop and creation of content, however, can be handled by us and we can also take care of hosting, platform administration and even billing.