Why select eCorner for your Online Business?

Why select eCorner for your Online Business?

eCorner has Answers to eCommerce Questions

What Questions Should You Ask About Selling Online?

There are many issues for a new online business like "how do I get started" and "Is it a lot of work". You can get lots of good advice from our Ideas Centre. But once you have decided to move ahead then you need to make sure you choose the right technology and business partner. You will find that eCorner answers all of your questions about eCommerce and selling online. There has never been a better time to start an online business and working with eCorner is easy.

Our strength is our experience

eCorner knows eCommerce and information technology.

  • First and foremost our people have experience in the information technology that is used to drive and manage the business.
  • Second, we use only proven systems and processes from leading suppliers like Macquarie Telecom, Cisco, Dell, HP, ePages, COMODO and Cloudmark to name a few.
  • Third we have experience from over 60,000 businesses worldwide that have used the ePages eCommerce solution.
  • Forth, you can come and visit us or call us, we have real people who can help you.
  • Finally, we maintain a high level of service and support for our customers.

What Is Important In A Technology Partner To Be Successful?

  1. The eCommerce Software Solution?

    Every eCommerce Store at eCorner Stores Plus is built using the Internationally Awarded eCommerce Software from ePages. The software that you choose to start you online business is very important. It must be fully featured, it must have a global support base, it must have international capabilities. ePages has over 10 years of experience in eCommerce delivering solutions worldwide. The solution must be able to grow seamlessly with your business. With ePages you can start as a small business with a few products and you have an upgrade path that can support your business as a large enterprise with thousands of products.

  2. The Shopping Cart Software?

    We include An Integrated eCommerce Shopping Cart. When you start an online store with eCorner Stores Plus we don't offer a added-on shopping cart. We deliver an eCommerce website where all the key features are fully integrated and managed from one Management Back Office. You should not need to have software plug-ins or add-ons to make your online business work.

  3. Accepting Payments?

    We provide Multiple Payment Methods to accept payments online. eCorner Stores Plus has forged great partnerships with leading payment providers. Every store can be integrated into a payment gateway and also have multiple payment methods. Our payment methods can be linked to the Shipping Method so that you can provide a better and safer consumer experience. Multiple payment and shipping methods make for a more successful online store.

  4. Promoting the Store?

    Every eCorner Store is Search Engine Optimised with eMarketing, Newsletters and Multiple Channels. As you build the online store every page contains special features that makes them friendly for search engines like Google and Yahoo. We also have special features that allow you to build Search Engine friendly Sitemaps in XML format.

  5. Controlling Cost?

    You have a known eCommerce Webstore Cost each month. Unlike other solutions all the features you need are already available with an eCorner Store. So our packages provide you with everything you need to run a successful online business. The most frequent question we hear from customers is about the costs. Most of the work you need to do can be done by you and you do not need expensive web developers. So you can keep costs controlled and in line with your expectations.

  6. Support When Needed?

    eCorner provides Real Support to help you succeed. Our support is free and our support team understand the questions that you might have. We are available as a free-call or via our online support system. At eCorner no question is left unanswered and every question is important.

  7. A Total and Trouble Free Solution?

    At eCorner Stores Plus you get everything you need from one provider. A Great eCommerce Solution. Domain Names and Secure Management. eMail that is Always Available. Great Web Analytics. The Best Payment Partners. SEO and SEM. Web Design and Development if needed. Secure Hosting. Fast and Efficient Service and Advice.

Choose from one of our specialised Hosted eCommerce stores solutions that fits your business and your budget. All our packages are fully upgradeable so it does not matter where you start. eCorner Stores Plus can support you and your business. We have special assistance packages to help you move to an eCorner Store if you have a store somewhere else that is not working for you.

You will get an ePages website and back office with many important features including shopping basket functionality, SSL encryption, secure managed hosting, included data, free web analytics, a wide range of design templates and free support.