Customisable Products

Customisable Products Overview

With our latest upgrade we introduced a great new feature called Customizable Products. With the customisable products feature you can setup a product that will allow your customers to change the product by adding text and images to the product before the checkout. As they add the customisation they will see the preview image of the product change. Once they have completed the customisation they can checkout and all the text and images that they added will be included in the order information that you see.

You can use customisable products for many applications like creating products with images and text, maybe clothes for example such as a T-shirt with an image or text on the back; or promotional items like coffee mugs or pens that have a company logo and slogan added. Or you can create custom labels and forms that your customer can configure. 

You will find the new Customizable Product feature in the Products menu.



Getting started


To get started you select the new Customizable product item from the Product menu. There will be a new product created and you will need to complete all the necessary fields like Product number, Product name, Price, Description etc. Once those fields are completed then Save and you will be taken to the Customisation tab.




Customisation tab in Product type


The Customisation section in the product will allow you to add the necessary product image template and all the customisation fields. These areas and fields that can be customised are defined in the Product type selected for the product. You can setup different customisation areas and setting for different product types. 

Before you start to create Customisable products you must decide on and setup the necessary settings in the Product type.

Here you will determine what can be customised, what fonts, colours, files types and button texts will be available. There are multiple areas allowed for customisation and later we will review how you drag and resize these on the product template image.




Customisation tab in Product


Once you save the new Customisable product for the first time you will be taken to the Customisation tab in the product to setup the Customisable areas that the visitors will see on the online store. You need to upload a product image that you will use as a template and which the customers will see during the customisation process. For best affect this should be a image that is high quality and is square in shape.

You will also provide your customers with instructional text so they know what each area allowed for customisation should contain.

You can drag customisation areas to the template image from the "Add area" selection and resize them by dragging the top, bottom or side to the desired size. There are 5 customisation areas allowed in the standard setup.

You can also create the customisation input fields and image upload fields. Each of these should be given a meaningful name that is explanatory to your visitors. You can set the minimum size and shape of images. The system will allow larger high quality images to be uploaded and automatically made to fit. However images will not be distorted and will be resized to fit the available area.




What do your customers see?


When your customers go to the online store they will see customisable products in the same way that they see any product. However rather than a simple "Add to basket" button they will instead see a "Customise" button or whatever text you added for the customise button for that product type. When they select the "Customise" button the wizard will apprear for your customer who can then begin to customise the product. 




What can your customers do with customisation?


Your customers will be able to add images and text to the customisation areas that you have definded for the product. They will also be able to drag their added text and images between the customisation areas. You can allow multiple images and multiple lines of text. If there are multiple images and text the customer can move individual images and text forward and backwards.

You can define what they can do with the text and images when you setup the customisation in the product.




Customisation functions for your customer


Your customers will see the fields that you setup for customisation and a set of icons that allow the uploaded text and images to be manipulated into the customisation that your customer requires. By selecting an item and clicking on the required icon the item will change as required. There is no "save" button the customisation is committed only after the item is added to the basket.

So what do the icons mean:

  1. Expand the image or text (make it larger)
  2. Shrink the image or text (make it smaller)
  3. Rotate the image or text to the left (anti-clockwise)
  4. Rotate the image or text to the right (clockwise)
  5. Move the image or text to the front
  6. Move the image or text to the back
  7. Delete the selected item

Once complete the product is added to the basket and the check out process and payment is completed.


Change the customised product from the basket


If your customer wants to make a change to the product customisation then they can click on the "change" link under the product name in the basket and they will be taken back to the customisation wizard.




What do you see as a merchant after the order is placed?


You receive a new order in the Order section of the online store back office.

It will contain all the normal order information like name, billing and shipping addresses, payment method, delivery method and so on.

Additionally it will contain all the information regarding the customisation as well as links to the various files that were uploaded by the customer. You will be able to download and save a template of the customisation as well as view it online.