Enabling New Search 6.15.3

Enabling New Search 6.15.3

How to setup your online store with Faceted Search


On the night of the 17th October 2013 eCorner will be upgrading our core mass hosted (Cloud Shops) environment to ePages V6.15.3. There are numerous new features and improvements in the new version.

search1.pngWhen we upgraded to V6.14 a few months back we introduced a predictive search capability which improved the speed of search returns. This new predictive search showed the visitor images on the products and also the categories in which matches where available and the number of product matches in each category.

It is important that you use the navigation item that is available in the design manager to add the search tool as the base code changed in V6.14. The old search code would not enable the predictive search and will continue to show the old search element.

If you had a designer or developer customize your search bar then it would be necessary to update the code that is in the custom navigation element.

You should refer this back to your designer or developer, or you can contact eCorner support who are available to assist.

Faceted Search and Automatic Navigation


In the new upgrade we have taken search one step further to improve usability and to improve the opportunity for a successful sale.

In this version you will find that we have provided a faceted search. What this does is to automatically generate a new navigation element and display that on the left or right of the content area after you have made a search that returned multiple results.

In the online store management back office (MBO) you will find that search settings are now available in the Settings menu >> Search settings.

There are two tabs available:


  1. Search statistics
  2. Settings


In the latter tab, Settings, you are now able to turn the filtered search on or off. You can also determine at what category level the system will display the faceted search automatically for visitors who click on a category link. You can disable this feature by setting the level as "0".

You can also now select from different search results layouts.

You can edit the text that is shown to a visitor after a search has returned no result.

As a great marketing tip you can offer your visitors recommendations using promotional images and links that you can add to this text area. Maybe use another of the new features which is the Promotional Banners gadget in the editor.



Product Results from Search Displayed in Categories


By default if you have the filtered search turned on then you will get product results show in categoies that are created via search. If you have assigned products to categories and want those to always show then you need to set the category level for search higher than the maximum category depth. So if you have 3 levels of sub-categories then you need to set "Display automatically from this category depth" to 5 (or a number higher than 4).


Displaying the filtered search on the website


With the new filtered or faceted search we automatically deliver a new category navigation element after the search has been completed. This is also created and shown if a visitor clicks on a category. As mentioned above you can turn this feature off or set it to appear only from a specific category level.

The search results filter will display on the left or right navigation if you have one or both of those available. if you are not using a left or right navigation then the search results filter will be automatically displayed on the left of any body content.

faceted search epages V6.15.3


How do you create search filter fields


By default the system will create search filters from some fields such as;


  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Review and Rating - Feedback


However you can also create search filter fields to enhance your customers user experience and to help them find what they want as quickly as possible. To do this is simple and requires you to use the Product type - Attribute field

In the Product menu >> Product type >> Attributes list there is now a new column called Search filter. This is a tick box that must be checked in order to make an attribute a search filter field. The Attribute must have a type that allows for multiple options or variations such as Text with value selection or Language-dependent text with value selection. When you create an attribute the new "Search filter" radio button will be available in the general tab for the attribute and also the tick-box will appear in list view.

Product type Search Filter field

The new search features will generally become available automatically if you are using the standard search navigation elements. Search is an important component of your online store and these improvements will provide better results for your customers.

NOTE: There is now an index task that runs in the background and indexes new content so that it can be found in search. If you add new products they may not immediately be available in search and you need to wait for a short time so that they will be indexed.

If you have any questions about the new search capabilities or if you would like assistance please contact eCorner support.

Information about search V6.15.3 (PDF)