Getting started with Unleashed

15/07/2019 - Getting started with Unleashed

Getting started with Unleashed

eCorner-Unleashed integrationIntroduction to Unleashed and eCornerStores

Unleashed Software provide a powerful real-time inventory control and reporting system. Companies with large and complex inventories or manufacturers can use Unleashed to better manage stock, parts and bills of material.

eCorner provide a B2B and B2C online eCommerce website solution that is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who want to sell online. The online store needs stock information to be available online to ensure that products purchased by consumers will be available to deliver. Stock information retained in the online store data base is updated when orders are completed online.

If your company has more advanced inventory management needs than are provided by the online store then Unleashed integrated with the online store can solve that requirement. eCorner uses the Unleashed Application Program Interface (API) suite to connect and communicate with Unleashed.


To connect the eCorner eCommerce website to your Unleashed account you will need:

  1. The eCorner connector for Unleashed

    You can determine if you have the connector in your online store by looking in the Administration >> Settings menu >> Unleashed.

    The connector is available by default in all Medium, Large and Enterprise packages. If you are unsure of your package please contact eCorner support. Requires ePages Software version 7 base.

    To enter the settings click on the Unleashed settings link.
  2. Unleashed account with API access

    The API access is available in all Unleashed packages except Small. You can find the package information at eCorner is a reseller partner with Unleashed and can provide bundled pricing for the Unleased account and eCommerce solution.

API access setting

The API ID and API Key are required in order to connect the eCorner Online Store to Unleashed. The information needed is in your Unleashed account. Unleashed packages have limits by package to the number of API calls that can be made. The minimum is 125,000 calls per month and this will vary base on the Unleashed package.

  1. Go to Settings menu >> Unleashed settings

eCorner unleashed-settings

  1. In the API access section, enter your Unleashed API ID and API Key then click Save button at the bottom of the setting from.
  2. To find out your API ID and API Key, please log into your Unleashed account then go to Integration >> Unleashed API Access. Copy and paste your API ID and API Key into the fields respectively.


For more information download the Gettings Started with Unleashed and eCornerStores or contact eCorner.



Getting Started with Unleashed and eCornerStores