Xero Integration Instructions

Xero Integration Instructions



For more detailed information please download the eCorner Xero Integration Guide V6.16download epages xero integration user guide


Steps to create Private application in Xero

  1. Click on the Add Private application now in ePages Administration >> Settings menu >> Xero settings >> General Settings >> Xero Integration Information >> Step 2. “https://api.xero.com/Application/Add” and It will open new window
  2. Select Private as application type
  3. Add Application name which can be any name that you use to identify this application and select which organization you want to  create this application from the drop down box
  4. Copy the public key from the text box at ePages Administration >> Settings menu  >> Xero settings >> General Settings >> Public Key
  5. Paste this public key into the text box X509 Public key certificate in Xero Developer Centre >> My applications
  6. Save the application

Xero Setting in the Online Shop Administration





Add Private Application in Xero


You will need to tell Xero that you are using the ePages application from eCorner. You do that in the Xero Developer Centre >> My Applications.



Complete Xero Setting in ePages

Steps to complete Xero settings in ePages MBO


Once you have completed the necessary steps in the Xero administration then you can enable your Xero account in the online store administration.

  1. Log in to your ePages administration using the URL and credentials that have been provided by eCorner or your ePages provider.
  2. Go to ePages Administration >>Settings menu >> Xero settings >> General
  3. Paste into the provided sections the Xero Consumer Key and Xero Consumer Secret.
  4. Make sure that you SAVE.




Xero Connection Confirmation


Once that is completed you can go to your Xero account >> then to Settings >> Connect >> Add-ons and you will see that you have established a connection to eCorner.



Complete Xero Mapping in ePages


Steps to complete Xero Mapping in ePages MBO


There are four parts to mapping the necessary settings in Xero

  1. Transfer your inventory to Xero
  2. Xero Account Mapping
  3. Xero payments mapping
  4. Xero TaxRate Mapping
    • Default Tax Rates Mapping
    • Custom Tax Rates Mapping

To complete the transfer of inventory just click on Transfer button and product names and product IDs will be sent to Xero.

Transfer inventory to Xero from ePages

To complete the Xero Account Mapping Select Sales Account and Shipping Account from drop down. You can map sales and shipping account to any account from drop down depending on your accounts set up.

To map you payments to Xero you can select the payment methods that you have in ePages and save them to Xero. This will streamline your payment processes.

Transfer your payments to Xero from ePages

To complete the Xero TaxRate Mapping you need to decide first if you want to use the default or custom tax rate mapping

  • Default Tax Rates Mapping:  You can use this option when you only want to separate taxed and non-taxed items and assign Xero TaxRate to individual. Usually non taxed item should be mapped to 0% tax rate and Taxed item should be mapped to 10% tax rate for Australia
  • Custom Tax Rates Mapping: You should use this option when you want to assign Tax according to ePages’ Tax Areas / Tax Classes. You can assign Xero Tax Rates to each individual Tax Area / Tax Class combination. This is option is if you have more complex tax structure.

Orders in ePages will include the Xero logo and link

Once the integration is completed new orders in ePages that have been transferred to Xero will now include a Xero logo and link to the order in Xero.

Orders in ePages with Xero integration


eCorner Xero Integration Guide V6.16