Wagtail Analytics - eCommerce Business Reporting

Wagtail Analytics - eCommerce Business Reporting

$88.00 / month(s)
Australian Dollars - including GST  



Possible delivery method: Free Delivery

Wagtail eCommerce and Business Analytics and Reports

Wagtail Analytics was created to capture the financial data out of your online store and report it back in a human readable format.

By default all eCorner hosted shops get a free basic Wagtail Analytics account limited to 10,000 page impressions per month.

The Wagtail Analytics advanced reporting is comprised of three parts.

  • Reports on the financial data captured from the ePages hosted stores.
  • Visitor reporting and analytics with social media capabilities.
  • Free bandwidth reports on the eCorner Stores Plus hosted shops.

You can see some of the screen shot in the slideshow on the product image or we can start a free trial acccount for you just contact us .

For a short time we have a promotional offer that waives setup fees for a full Wagtail Analytics account

Additional product information

version Pro
Traffic quota 1,000,000
Retain data 12
Add page impressions $1.00
Add links $10.00
Contract 3
Setup $0.00
Desktop elements 24
Link tracker 20
Browser tests 20
General features Yes
Advanced features Yes
Visitors Yes
Recommended Larger stores 500 + visitors a day
Goal limits 20
Goal length 10
Detail features PDF Download

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