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eCorner eCommerce Blog

Selling online is a great subject to write about as it is constantly changing and evolving. Each month new start-up businesses bring in new ideas. There are lots of opportunities to improve your online business for B2B or B2C.

If you have any questions about eCommerce try our FAQs and Ideas Center or just send us a comment or email.

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Marketing Gets Your Store Moving

Businesses need customers and sales

To be successful, a business needs to have products, a market and customers in order to make sales. You can find out more in this previous blog post about the Foundation of a Successful Business. It's fundamental to the long-term success of the business. Cash-flow and revenue are the blood and blood pressure that keeps the business alive. Yet, we often hear about these digital businesses that get started and then fail very quickly because they make no sales or revenue. There are new business start-ups that have no plan for marketing or for finding customers and they will not last out the first year.

Just having a pretty website that looks great (but doesn't sell anything) is not going to develop into a long-term profitable business.

Google and Search Engines

Many businesses owners believe that if you build and launch a website it will be instantly flooded by visitors. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Search engines drive traffic and customers to your website and Google is the elephant in the room of search engines. Google controls over 80% of the search engine traffic. At the same time Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) firms have become the SPAM masters. I am sure that you have all received the emails:

Pay us a $1,000 a month and be number one on Google....

Some business owners believe that some magical short cut exists that will make the new online store an instant success and revenue generator. But there is no magic bullet and throwing away $1,000's in dodgy SEO practices will not make you one sale.

Search Engine Optimisation is important

Good SEO practices are important to the success of your online store but you need to have your website / online store ready to get the best results. That means that you need to build good quality content and conform to the recommendation of Google and other search engines in order to rank well and have your website and products found online. Google provides lots of great information and advice about SEO Best Practice with their SEO Starter Guide and doing some homework is worthwhile. But there are also many features built into your ecommerce platform to help you make the most of the digital marketing opportunities.

These features are often overlooked but are easy to setup (examples in the eCorner Platform).

NOTE: There is helpful information in each section in the eCorner eCommerce platform so look for the Tips & Tricks, and notes.


  • SEO Cockpit:- Marketing Menu >> Search Engine Optimisation
  • Cross Sell & Upsell:- Product menu >> Products >> Cross sell
  • Auto Cross-selling:- Setting menu >> Product settings >> Auto cross-sell
  • Product ratings & reviews:- Products menu >> Product ratings
  • XML Sitemap:- Marketing menu >> Search engine optimisation >> XML Sitemap

Google Search Console

Google provides free tools to help you understand what is happening to your website content and tools to improve your search engine optimisation. Highly recommended is that you sign up for a free Google Search Console account and add your website. Google will give you lots of tips and great ideas. There is a useful forum to help you uderstand some of the search engine mysteries.

To sign up just search on Google Search Console in the Google search engine and follow the instructions to get started.


NOTE: You need to add a Meta Tag to your website to connect to Google Search Console. Its easy to do so just ask for assistance.


sales_funnelMarketing is a Continuous Process

For any business to be successful, apart from viable products and good customer service, you need to market. Marketing in the digital age has changed in the way it is delivered but you still need to do it. So an online store without a marketing plan basically has little hope of succeeding.

The Sales Funnel is just as important online as it is in any traditional, or bricks and mortar business, in fact maybe more important. Online the sales funnel starts with traffic to your website but not just any type of traffic. It needs to be made up primarily of people who are interested in what you do.

It is the core job of good marketing to get a pool of people or companies interested in your products and services into the funnel. The sales job, in the digital world the website, is to convert the pool into prospects and then into customers by taking them on a journey. That journey ends up in a sale and a long term satisfied customer. Marketing helps map that journey and provide the content to guide your potential customers.

Marketing in a Digital World

A new website will not succeed without marketing. There are many tools available to help you market and there is a connection between the website content and marketing.

Remember the golden rule - CONTENT IS KING.

When you launch a new website the work is not over it is just beginning. So you need a plan to manage the marketing process and to track updates and changes. An important aspect of understanding what you need to do is capturing the 'big data' the analytics about what people are doing on your website. Without that information you cannot have an effective marketing plan. If you are an eCorner customer we provide you with a great tool called Wagtail Analytics and Reporting but you might use Google Analytics or one of the many reporting tools available.

Do you have a marketing budget?

On average according to Gartner businesses spend over 10% of their revenue on marketing, and including 2.5% - 5% on digital marketing. While some primarily digital businesses might spend a much higher percentage on digital marketing channels.

Where should you spend your money?

There are specific targets that you need to identify and then determine the best way to hit them.

  • Management and Investment in paid media
  • Management and investment in Social Media
  • Mobility and cross platform marketing
  • Management of your digital assets
  • Management of your data resources

But remember that the one true fact that you can rely on is change. Nothing really stays still in the digital world so you need to be on a constant review and improvement path. There are new tools that can be effectively used that become available so testing new marketing tactics can lead to quick results.

Digital spend has often been centered on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with the main player being Google Adwords. If the campaign is built well then it can be an effective way to drive qualified opportunities into the sales funnel. SEM is not cheap and you cannot run a successful Adwords campaign on a dollar a day. Other search engines offer similar services such as Bing Ads.

The Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter now also offer paid advertisement that can deliver good results often at a lower cost. But social media pages can be effective marketing. The channel itself maybe free but there is effort involved in running successful social media channels.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns using one of the shopping portals can also help drive qualified opportunities to your business. 

Google Merchant Centre allows you to deliver a product feed directly from your website that will deliver product ad tiles during search.

Other product comparison portals such as Getprice and eBay eCommerce Network offer a similar service.

The benefit of these portals is that they have a higher than average digital marketing spend and often a higher search engine ranking so they can get exposure that you might not be able to get.

If you are a small business looking for local customers then take advantage of Google Local a free service. Local search is becoming increasingly more important for small business.

Marketing to People Who Visit Your Website

Once your website is live and you start to get visitors then you can also start to market to your visitors. There are lots of ways to do this both from your website and fron search engine marketing systems like Google Ads Remarketing. You need to be aware of the legal issues like the anti-spam requirements but in general there is nothing wrong or illegal about marketing to past visitors.

Newsletters and Coupons

Sending you visitors a newsletter with information about special offers and promotions is a great way to reconnect and get return customers. Offering a coupon for a gift card or discount can also help tempt return visitors to buy from your online store. If you own a bricks and mortar store then why not accept those coupons in store as well. Coupons can be used for a variety of reasons and also work to attract customers via social media channels.

TIP: You can print coupon codes and pack them into orders that you are shipping to a customer as an incentive to shop again.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

You will find that visitors to your website will start a new shopping basket and add some products, then proceed to checkout but never finish. This is called Basket Abandonment and can often count for 80% or more of the shopping baskets that are started.

There are now a number of systems available that allow you to capture the email address of a potential customer who starts a basket and then email them reminders with information about their incompleted basket. You can add marketing information like cross-sell products and also offers like a discount coupon that they can use to reduce the cost in the basket. If you use eCorner then Wagtail can provide information about uncompleted shopping baskets or you can also get similar information from other systems like Google Analytics.

eCorner now offer a shopping cart recovery service, Wagtail Cart Recovery, as part of some of our packages or it can be added to any package for a small monthly fee.


80% of the failed online businesses failed as a direct result of not doing any marketing. If you want your new digital business to succeed then develop a marketing plan, think a little outside of the square and expect change. If you want to generate a million dollars in sales a year then expect to spend $50,000 - $100,000 a year on marketing.

When you first sit down and decide to start your new online business remember that you need to develop a budget and a plan. Your business plan needs to have a marketing component that will establish your online store and brand in your chosen market sector.

Marketing is a continuous process so allocate some time every day to look at areas to improve.

If you take advantage of Search Engine Margeting it  can often be wise to consult with an expert. But make sure that you set a budget you can afford and work with in it. Never just setup an online marketing campaign and leave it as you need constant monitoring to achive the best results.


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Wagtail Shopping Cart Recovery

eCorner Wagtail Analytics and ReportingThe Wagtail Cart Recovery system is available for all customers using the Wagtail Pro Plan and above or who are using the eCorner Large Package. The Wagtail Pro Plan ($88.00 inc GST per month) can be added to any of the eCorner website packages. Your existing Wagtail service can be upgraded to the Pro Package without any other changes.

eCorner provides each customer with access to the Wagtail Analytics and Reporting system (Wagtail). There are multiple plans available in Wagtail from the Free plan to Premium plan.


The Wagtail Cart Recovery system allow you as the merchant to initiate emails to be sent to an individual that has visited your website. The visitor must add items to the basket and must leave an email address.

Wagtails cart recovery system allows emails to be sent to your customers reminding them about recent shopping baskets that have been created. The emails can contain information about the basket such as the products, ratings, cross-sell and other information depending on what settings are turned on within your Wagtail administration.

There are many ways to uniquely tailor the email layout to match your website design, branding and your marketing needs.


The unique benefits of the Wagtail Cart Recovery solution are important to understand.

  1. Completed shopping baskets can often be 20% or less of the total baskets created. So being able to track abandoned baskets and then market to those opportunities can deliver many more completed baskets and sales.
  2. The data used is from your shop data base and not stored or sent to some 3rd party system. This means that the data is protected and secure.
  3. You control the communication with your customers.
  4. You can activate and deactivate the cart recovery emails at any time.
  5. The details are maintained in your Wagtail account and can be used to help you understand your website activity.
  6. You can see the connections from other marketing activities like coupons and the flow through to successful and uncompleted baskets.


wagtail cart recovery reminder-emailCustomer email

You customer receives the basket and information after leaving the website.

The email allows for your unique branding as well and additional marketing features.

Each item that was in the basket will appear in the email along with the name, attributes and price.

Cross-sell information will appear beneath the basket items if it has been assigned to the products in the basket.


There are a number of features available within the system that will allow you to effectively market your products to your prospective customers who have visited your website and added products to the basket.

  1. Can show product variation attributes (size, colour / etc)
  2. Can show automatic cross selling, the first product in the basket is used for this data. Please be aware manual cross selling won’t show.
  3. Can show the product ratings, the first product in the basket is used for this data.
  4. Order completed checking some does not send emails to customers who have ordered.
  5. Choice of different, prebuilt in advance, templates.
  6. Choice of three different basket layouts.
  7. Can send manual basket emails to customers on top of the normal engagement emails.
  8. Sends three automated emails on three preselected time frames.
  9. Can show only one product in the basket all products in the basket.
  10. Ability for customer to unsubscribed and for you to manage these.
  11. Email tracking to see how many times the customer opened the email.


  1. Wagtail Pro or higher account.
  2. Feature turned on in settings and initial setup done.
  3. Customer to progress from the address page and entered valid email address.
  4. You must have your own SSL so your URL must have
  5. The email from address is by default set to your shops name @ If you change this setting to use your shops domain you will need to add/update your DNS SPF records to use our mail servers else the emails will get black listed or end up in clients junk mail folders. Our mail servers to add are,,,

Things to consider

  1. If you modify the template or design your own make sure you take a copy of the HTML for backup purposes as we won’t be able to restore it. The normal designs can be restored from there default settings.
  2. Be careful using HTML design editors as they can mess with the custom HTML tags causing the HTML to break.
  3. As per the above there is no design editor, but we give five advanced templates to choose from with a lot of options so should be no need to change HTML only text within.
  4. The baskets / session information is only available for 15 days for security and practical reasons. If the customer clicks the link in the email after this period, they will get an empty basket.
  5. Product ratings and cross selling information is based on the first product in the basket.
  6. Some of the settings such as roll over images will not work on mobile devices and a lot of email system as the feature is not supported.


  1. First thing to do is log into Wagtail and go to Settings à general settings and check the settings for Cart abandonment mail from name, Cart abandonment mail address from, Cart abandonment mail address test, Cart abandonment first email, Cart abandonment second email, Cart abandonment third email.
  2. The last setting is Enable cart abandonment and if you enable this the baskets will start sending out so only enable this setting once you are ready.
  3. Now it is time to setup the email content so goes to Cart abandonment à Cart manager.
  4. Here you can choose between five different templates and settings. Each template with have predefined settings setup but you can change them depending on how you want the basket displayed.
  5. When you load in a template it will only put the HTML in the first follow up email box. If you are going to send multi emails copy the HTML and put it in the other two HTML boxes.
  6. To preview the email or to send a test email you will need to enter in a basket id in the Preview basket id box. You can get this by going to your shop and adding a product to the basket and then going into the basket. Look at the URL and take the number after ObjectID=. Keep in mind these are only valid for 15 days.
  7. After you have setup the HTML emails and happy you should enable it in general settings. When the emails start sending out they will be recorded in the overview report.
  8. In the overview report you will see the status of each basket email that went out. From each stage to the order been completed or the client has unsubscribed, so the email did not go out. IF an order was placed after the email was sent this will be recorded and no more emails will be sent.
  9. You can view the contents of the basket by clicking the basket icon next to each record. If the basket was turned into an order you will see the order details. You can also send manual emails to the customer by click the envelope icon. This icon will go away if the order was completed, they unsubscribed, or the basket was abandoned.
  10. We mark baskets as abandoned after 30 days if no order was placed.
  11. You can manage unsubscribed customers in the unsubscribed report. If a customer was added by mistake you can delete the record or if a customer does not want anymore emails you can add then in manually.

Templates codes




Displays the preheader text.


Your primary domain on the shop.


Displays the link you customers would need to click on to view the HTML emails online.


Displays the link your customers would need to click on to unsubscribe from the HTML emails.


Displays how many orders where played in the last 24 hours.


Displays person or people depending on the number above.


Displays the subject depending on which engagement is been used.


Displays for the full link to the medium large image from your shop.


The basket line item data.


The customer rating information data.


The product rating link for the first product.


The full link back to the shops product.


The link back to the shops basket.


The grand total value for the basket.


The first product in the baskets name.


The first product in the baskets manufacture.


The cross selling information data.


Displays the background code from the editor.


Displays the table 1 code from the editor.


Displays the table 2 code from the editor.


Displays the table 3 code from the editor.


Displays the footer code from the editor.


Displays the font 1 code from the editor.


Displays the font 2 code from the editor.


Displays the font 3 code from the editor.


Displays the font 4 code from the editor.


Displays the coupon 1 code from the editor.


Displays the coupon 2 code from the editor.


Displays the coupon 3 code from the editor.


Displays the colour 5 code from the editor.


Displays the colour 6 code from the editor.


Displays the basket button text.


Example Screenshots

Summary of Cart Recovery Activity


Detail Cart Recovery Screen


Manage email content by basket


Manage the email style


Manage email template code


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What are the benefits of eCorner's eCommerce

eCorner has multiple solutions to provide eCommerce to small or large enterprises. Our core software fully supports a B2B and B2C model, but we have also enhanced that with specific functionality for resellers. It's primarily focused on merchants that want to manage large product catalogues and data feeds from distributors. Our packages include all core functionality, software, hosting, maintenance and support.

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eCorner is floating on a cloud

Read entire post: eCorner is floating on a cloud

eCorner cloud migration successfully completed

For those that have been with us through early 2018, you'll be aware that major projects were happening behind the scenes at eCorner. Again we thank all our customers for their patience and understanding during this process, and hope that you see the benefits of our new technology.

With our friends at Macquarie Cloud Services (MCS), eCorner have migrated our entire hosting environment from dedicated physical hardware to a "Virtual Data Centre" configured specifically for our needs in Macquarie's cloud infrastructure. This environment replicates the security, availability and robustness of our previous infrastructure, without the need to manage and replace aging physical servers and other hardware.

Many hundreds of man hours went into the migration lead by our intrepid Infrastructure Manager, Grant, in addition to great support by the team at MCS. As such, MCS asked us to sit down and discuss the project in the following video that we thought we'd share with you to fill in some of the details of what we've had going on behind the scenes.



In case you missed it earlier in the year, our project also made the industry news:

IT Wire: eCorner bulks up with Macquarie cloud to meet competitive challenges

ARN: aussie ecommerce provider aligns macquarie cloud

IT News: e-commerce-ware provider eCorner upgrades

CRN: e-commerce provider ecorner migrate to Macquarie



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Are you ready for Christmas 2018?

Read entire post: Are you ready for Christmas 2018?

What can I do to prepare my online store for the Christmas sales period?

It is just 55 days left until Christmas at the time of writing this post. Online merchants who leave the preparations for the Holiday sales and Christmas to the last minute risk missing out on holiday sales and an opportunity of gaining new customers. Christmas is the biggest retail sales period of the year for the vast majority of businesses. Sales increases related to holiday spending start in late September and peak late November to early December. There are plenty of issues to think about so start early and be prepared!

This year it is expected that the latest that you will be able to order online and expect delivery before Christmas will be Friday 21th December for most Australian deliveries. Australia Post have already provided some advice to merchants regarding deliveries during the Christmas and Holiday season.


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Can I make money selling on Amazon or eBay?

Read entire post: Can I make money selling on Amazon or eBay?

What are marketplaces and are they right for me?

Marketplaces make up a huge percentage of online sales in 2018, with many consumers now using the likes of eBay and Amazon as a research tool and their first point of contact on the net when considering a new product purchase.

Marketplaces make online shopping ludicrously convenient for consumers, because of the huge product catalogues and sizable number of third-party sellers providing a range of products, prices and shipping options in every category.

The challenge for online retailers is two-fold, (1) is selling on an online marketplace right for my business and (2) which marketplace(s) should I invest my time and effort into to get the best returns.

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Listing products to eBay with ePages

Read entire post: Listing products to eBay with ePages

Start selling Multi-channel using eBay


You can use your eCorner Online Store and Back Office to sell your products through eBay. If you are an eCorner customer already just contact us at for information about connecting to eBay. You can download some handy help documents from the following links:


DOWNLOAD the Guide: How to use the ePages eBay Connector V7 (PDF).



eBay is the ideal additional online sales channel for your business


The eBay platform has not only been established as the most popular shopping portal on the internet, but also increasingly as a sales channel for professional traders and buyers. In fact, more than 90% of all products sold through eBay are sold via PowerSellers – a status awarded to professional high-volume eBay retailers. All sorts of products are offered on eBay, sometimes with price-tags ranging into the millions.

With ePages’ eBay cartridge shop owners can now make cost-effective use of the eBay marketplace as an additional sales channel, and reach out to new markets and new customers. Equally, enterprises can strengthen their presence on the internet by capitalising on eBay’s vast and ever-growing user-base, capturing customers that would not usually have found the company’s website.

On the other hand, eBay PowerSellers can now benefit from the extensive functionality of the ePages platform. With the ePages Back Office, products, customers and orders can be managed simply and efficiently. ePages automates the administrative tasks involved in submitting products to eBay, thereby increasing efficiency, and maximising revenue.


eCorner Connects Your Online Store to eBay and NO Additional Transaction Fees


Unlike other platforms where you are charged additional fees for every order that you receive online at eCorner we do not charge additional transaction fees. Some online store systems will charge you again after the order arrives at the online store in addition to the credit card or PayPal fees. With eCorner you will pay only the eBay fees at eBay for your eBay Store, Listing Fee or Final Value Fee. The paid order will be sent from eBay to the online store for fulfillment and marketing. As eCorner does not charge transaction fee then no additional and unexpected charges will occur.


Benefits of selling through eBay for the online Merchant


Mid-sized businesses can expand their market reach through eBay, and acquire and learn about new types of customer. eBay is also the ideal sales channel for end-of-line items, and for clearance of surplus stock.

eBay PowerSellers are given access to a complete e-Business solution with a professional Back Office for account management. However, ePages can significantly enhance the processes by which products can be edited, customers can be profiled and orders can be managed and fulfilled.


General Features of ePages' eBay integration


Through the use of ePages’ e-Business solutions the process of making a sale on eBay can be centrally controlled. Product data from the ePages system can be presented on the eBay site along with additional information specific to the portal. With the eBay Cartridge the administration and management of all offers and sales processes are carried out exclusively from the ePages Back Office. On completion of a transaction, an order is automatically generated within the ePages system, and as with an ordinary order, can be paid for or invoiced, packed, shipped, tracked and fulfilled using ePages’ comprehensive Back Office management tools.


Stock Level Management - Fully Automated with eCorner and eBay


There are different methods of managing stock levels (inventory) with the eBay connector.

  1. You can update the stock in the online store at the time that you send products to list on eBay.
  2. Or you can update the stock level in the store at the time a product is sold on eBay and the order is sent back to the online store.
  3. Automatic stock update on online store and eBay keeps your stock synchronised (recommended).

Stock management can therefore be both ways - sales at eBay will update the stock level in the online store and sales in the online store will update the stock level on eBay.


Exporting products into the eBay Marketplace - fast and user-friendly with ePages


Any product defined in the ePages Back Office has virtually all the attributes required to sell via an eBay auction (product name, description, image, etc.). Through the introduction of an eBay-specific page in the ePages Back Office the Merchant is able to manage the following additional information relating to the auction of his/her goods:

  • Category
  • Quantity
  • Variations
  • Start price (minimum offer)
  • Offer period
  • Payment method
  • "Buy it Now" option Label as "private auction"
  • Good til sold support
  • Highlight offer
  • Current Bid
  • Gallery image
  • Bidder rating
  • eBay Stores Supported
  • Multiple categories supported
  • List to the eBay Catalogue
  • Use a standard template or create your own eBay template

These attributes can then be reviewed and edited by the merchant on another specially compiled page alongside the standard ePages product data. After publication of the product and purchase data, the Merchant receives his/her specific eBay item number.

The Merchant has the option to define the auction start date and time, and to trigger the auction from the ePages application at the pre-determined time. eBay charges normally associated with using this function do not apply when using our eBay cartridge.


Everything under control: Overview of the auction


The Merchant has the option to define the auction start date and time, and to trigger the auction from the ePages application at the pre-determined time.

For every product ePages lists those auctions and offers that have ended, and those that are still running. By clicking on the eBay item number the Merchant can check on his/her live auctions and offers, or access a detailed page to edit offers and obtain an overview of current bidders.


Account management: when the auction has ended


Once the auction has ended the system automatically creates an order which can then be processed in the ePages Back Office. With orders originating from the eBay marketplace, the Merchant can choose to route a "bidder rating" directly back to eBay to register the quality of each customer. Once the sale is complete the buyer receives an automatic email confirmation from ePages. This email contains a link to a special page in which the shipping address and payment method can be edited.


Reporting on auctions: live and ended


For every product the Merchant can view all related auctions and offers. There is also a list showing the Merchant all live auctions and offers for his/her products on the eBay portal, displaying the most recent auctions at the top of the list. This information can then be filtered to show "all auctions", "live auctions", or "ended auctions" in separate lists. Merchants can see a full summary of their eBay offers at all times.

In a few simple steps you can improve your return on investment and simplify your day. ePages connected to eBay, a Powerful Multi-Channel eCommerce Solution. Contact eCorner for a demonstration or free trial.


Import / Export eBay Items


We have introduced an export / import for eBay items.Using import / export you can make mass changes to your eBay items very quickly without needing to open individual items and then making changes using the eBay items wizard. So it is all about saving you time and effort.

You can export your eBay items from the administration by going to Content / categories menu >> Import / Export >> Select eBay items from the drop down menu. This will export ALL eBay items. Or you can select items at Marketing menu >> eBay items >> batch select and then >> use the Export batch function.


Exporting Items on eBay


Importing in updated files


In either case after saving the export CSV file on your computer you can update it using Microsoft Excel or similar and after it is update then import it back into the online store. Just go to Content / categories menu >> Import / export >> select eBay items >> select the import file >> Import.


Real-time update stock levels on eBay listings


This setting enables stock levels that are on existing eBay listings to be updated with the stock levels in the online store. In Step 1 of the eBay item listing wizard you will find a new set of radio buttons that will enable the stock level update. You will need to select “Yes” if you want stock levels from the store to be updated at eBay and “No” if you want fixed stock levels at eBay. This setting will only be available if you use “Fixed price” Item Type for the listing.




eBay Catalogue

eBay is rolling out eBay Catalogue that are listings that are managed by eBay and eBay provided the product images and descriptions. Not all categories and not all products are supported by eBay Catalogue but new categories and products are being added by eBay. Get more information about eBay Catalogue at eBay Seller Centre - eBay Catalogue Enhancements.




eBay is fully supported in our ‘mass-hosted’ and ‘dedicated’ eCommerce environments. You can implement a ‘multi-channel’ sales strategy for your online business within minutes of opening your online store with eCorner.


You can download our How to use the ePages eBay Connector (PDF) - click here.

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Google Adwords Strategy for eCommerce

For those that missed the live event, eCorner and Foresight Digital partnered to provide some insights into how to manage your Google Adwords strategy for eCommerce.

Many medium and large companies are deeply surprised to learn that their Google Adwords account, along with the tens of thousands they invest each month, are being mismanaged.

This webinar will cover off over a decade worth of experience from Ramya Kandregula, former Google employee turned media agency expert in paid digital. Ramya leads media performance at award winning paid search agency, Foresight Digital.

You'll learn:

  1. In what circumstances it makes sense to spend budget on people searching for your brand name. And when not to.
  2. Why it is important to bid on keywords that don't immediately convert, and how you might be hurting your brand long term by not doing so.
  3. How to determine the gaps between paid search and SEO so you can take a more holistic approach to managing both digital channels.
  4. Why you might be serverely limiting your channel performance by not amplifying what you spend in display (e.g. facebook or other channels) with search remarketing. And how to determine what is worth remarketing based on the size of cookie pools.
  5. How Google's quality score really works and what things might be affecting your conversion performance.
  6. What to audit first in your Google Adwords account to determine if your investment is at risk of being mismanaged.
  7. What impression share is, and how can you use it to manage ongoing performance of paid search activity.
  8. What KPI's should you use to, and how can you get better visibility of agency performance?
While the concepts in this presentation are geared toward learnings for enterprise companies, the learnings can be applied to any size organisation.

Slides here: Foresight Digital - Adwords Webinar slides



Ramya Kandregula

Paid Media Lead at Foresight Digital
With a Bachelor of engineering and computer science, Ramya worked at Google for half a decade, in the search quality team and then in the AdWords risk team. After working media side, she shifted to agency for another half a decade, leading paid digital across major Australian clients at both large and boutique agencies in New Zealand and Chicago before joining Artlivemedia.
Ramya has spent her entire career understanding from both sides, how to run successful paid digital programs.
For more information contact Foresight Digital:


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Get ready for a new ePages V7.7 release from eCorner

Upgrade notification for Monday 3rd September commencing at 6:00 PM.

eCorner is constantly improving our underlying infrastructure and keeping up with potential vulnerabilities. It is all aimed at making our systems even more stable, faster and safer. eCorner has started the process to upgrade your website to ePages V7.7. The upgrade will include fixes to bugs, usage improvements and major new features. To complete the upgrade we need to take the Resellerate online shop system offline. This upgrade is a major upgrade covering a number of software versions and we expect the outage to last approximately 10 to 12 Hours

We'll keep you informed of specific times as we get closer to the actual upgrade date. Following is a brief explanation of some of the new features and changes that you can expect.

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eCorner is moving to Parramatta CBD

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Well after 12 great years in our current office eCorner is moving.

From Monday 2nd July 2018 we will be located in the growing central business district (CBD) of Parramatta city. Parramatta has become the second CBD of Sydney and now the geographical, commercial and cultural capital of Western Sydney, Parramatta is the second largest CBD in Sydney and the 6th largest in the country. With an $14 billion dollar economy, Parramatta is a major provider of business and government services.

Our new office is very different to what we came from. The heritage listed 1860's stone cottage in Gladesville that we have called home for 12 years has been a great working environment and seen many changes in eCorner. But it is time to move on and our new office has been selected to better meet our needs as we develop over the next 10 years.


eCorner @ lvl 7 91 Phillip Street ParramattaBased in the heart of Western Sydney


eCorner's new office is located at level 7, 91 Phillip Street, Parramatta overlooking the Parramatta River. Parramatta has become the center of Sydney as the city has grown out over the year.

Our new office is located close to public transport and is easily accessible from most locations around Sydney.

If you are contacting us then our phone numbers and email addresses will remain unchanged you can find those details on our Contact Us page.

If you are visiting then you can get to eCorner by car, train, bus and ferry. There is plenty of parking within minutes of our office and all at a reasonable cost.

Our office is just 30 minutes from Sydney Airport.


eCorner Pty Ltd

Level 7, 91 Phillip Street,
NSW 2150

Please also note our new office phone number - 02 9893 1870 (our old number will continue to work if you get stuck)


Find eCorner on Google and Get Directions


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