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eCorner is floating on a cloud

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eCorner cloud migration successfully completed

For those that have been with us through early 2018, you'll be aware that major projects were happening behind the scenes at eCorner. Again we thank all our customers for their patience and understanding during this process, and hope that you see the benefits of our new technology.

With our friends at Macquarie Cloud Services (MCS), eCorner have migrated our entire hosting environment from dedicated physical hardware to a "Virtual Data Centre" configured specifically for our needs in Macquarie's cloud infrastructure. This environment replicates the security, availability and robustness of our previous infrastructure, without the need to manage and replace aging physical servers and other hardware.

Many hundreds of man hours went into the migration lead by our intrepid Infrastructure Manager, Grant, in addition to great support by the team at MCS. As such, MCS asked us to sit down and discuss the project in the following video that we thought we'd share with you to fill in some of the details of what we've had going on behind the scenes.



In case you missed it earlier in the year, our project also made the industry news:

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