How to sell online

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How to sell online

Online store, eBay, Amazon, Social - these are all ways to sell online


A common question that is asked is "How to sell online?" and it is a great question but the answers can be confusing.

Having a viable and well thought through business plan is really important to help keep you on the right track. You can develop your own business plan easily and then share it with your advisers or partners. You can find more information about what is in a eCommerce Business Plan here.

The very basic answer is to present your product or service on the world wide web so that potential buyers can find it, get information and buy it. The product or service gets delivered to the buyer after you have been paid. The methods of paymentment and delivery do not really vary that much from traditional bricks and mortar sales.

When you sell a product or service regardless of the method you use there are always costs involved. The same is true when you sell online.You can get more information at our FAQ page on Costs & Issues Starting an Online Business.

There are different ways to sell online and the method, or channel, that best suits you depends on a number of factors;

  1. Is the product new or used?
  2. What is the product?
  3. Is the product large or dangerous?
  4. Is the product covered by some license or legal restriction?
  5. Do you stock the product or is it provided by a distributor or manufacturer on demand?

These questions along with your business plan and skill level will help define the channel(s) you use to sell online.