Customer technical support

Customer technical support


eCorner Customer Support


eCorner's provides free support via email which is linked to our problem ticketing system - email us at

When you lodge a support request please provide as much information as possible including screen shots of any errors or issues that you find.

You can take a screen shot on most PCs by holding down Ctrl+PrtScr (often this is the Insert button) buttons. Then open an email or Word document and paste the image using a right mouse click and selecting paste or using paste from the edit menu.

You can take a screen shot on an iPhone by pressing the power button and home button to gether for other smart phones check here.

When you send us information be sure to include:

  1. You name, email and contact phone number
  2. Your website URL
  3. URL of the page on which the error occured
  4. Device type
  5. Browser type and browser version
  6. Description of the problem 
  7. Screenshots
  8. Severity level


Our Service Level Priorities


Level 1 (highest) - Resolving a fatal problem in a live site.

Level 2 - Resolving a problem in a live site that does not stop the site from running and taking orders.

Level 3 - Resolve or respond to a question or problem from a customer who is still in a site development mode or has not gone live.

Level 4 - Respond to questions not related to developing a site or a live site - these may be questions relating to trial stores.


Once you have notified us of a problem eCorner support management will assign a priority and escalate the problem to be diagnosed. If the problem is the result of a technical fault eCorner will resolve the problem and notify you that it has been resolved.

If eCorner cannot recreate any problem which is notified to us we may ask you for further information.

If a problem is a result of a user's error or omission, eCorner will either resolve the problem or pass to you information for you to rectify the problem yourself. If we are asked to resolve a user content or work-related problem it may be a chargeable item at the discretion of eCorner management.

In general eCorner will not charge to resolve user-notified support requests which originate via our web based support system either by email to or by the support ticketing system which can be found at


ePages Usage and Content



ePages software used in our ecommerce hosted environment is in general a do it yourself system and requires a minimum level of technical skill.

  • We do expect our customers to be competent in the ePages system.
  • We run regular training courses for a small fee and we will run specific training for you if requested.
  • The ePages MBO (backoffice) has extensive help text with help icon on each tab.
  • There is also a very comprehensive manual in PDF format which we send to you or you can download from our the MBO of your store.
  • There are video tutorials available at the ePages YouTube Video channel.

Resolution of problems created by a customer is a chargeable item and we may charge our support staff's time when it is used to resolve problems arising out of not using the help capability, the provided manual or the FAQs.


Times of Operation


eCorner's office operates Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 6:00PM (AEST) our phones will record to voicemail after business hours and messages left will be responded to in the next business day. Our offices are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. We do monitor all our servers and websites constantly and will ensure that any issues are quickly resolved.

Our Web based support service at or at the support form is monitored and we will review any requests and act on any Level 1 requests as soon as possible.


Support Calls and Actions



In general there are a fixed number of free support calls allocated to a customer each month based on their package you can find that information in the package specification. These support calls are to enable you to lodge problems or queries about our service or products. These allocated calls are not to provide site build assistance or content management assistance. It is the customer's responsibility to build and manage their own website unless they have entered into a Service Agreement with eCorner.


Virtual and Dedicated Server Support



eCorner manages and maintains all VPS (virtual servers) and Dedicated servers as part of our support and service agreement. Generally each customer will have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) if there are specific activities that are required outside of the statement of work as agreed at the start of the agreement period. All support calls for VPS or Dedicated servers should be placed via email to or by our support form at or via our support phone line. Changes to servers are chargeable at our standard service rates in minimum increments of 15 minute intervals. Changes requested during normal business hours will be completed as soon as possible within the same business day if available time permits. eCorner will provide an estimated time to action changes and notify the customer on completion.


Work requests - Work Orders and Statement of Work



Customer requests for any development, modifications, maintenance or content management will be undertaken based on a signed Work Order or Statement of Work which will determine the work to be done and the time frame. Work will commence based on the conditions agreed in the Statement of Work or Work Order.


Wagtail Analytics



As with all eCorner provides hosted services the Wagtail Analytics system is hosted by eCorner in our Sydney, Australia data centre. Access to Wagtail Analytics is via the login credential that have been provided to you. The service is real time and is available 24/7 and we will provide better than 99.5% availability guaranteed.

Wagtail Analytics problems and issues should be lodged via our standard support email or web page.

In general all support requests should be lodged electronically via email to or by the support form We have free call numbers for Australia and New Zealand. Electronically lodged support requests will be given priority.


Service Agreements



eCorner can provide a Service Agreement to you if you want ongoing assistance in the building or management of your website. ePages has been specifically designed to operate as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) system. We would recommend a Service Agreement only if your site will be large or complex. If you would like to discuss a Service Agreement then please contact

In general we cannot guarantee the correctness of user modifiable content. The website or online store content is always the ultimate responsibility of the user.


Thank You

eCorner Team